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Laugh For Leukaemia Fundraiser During April
Laughter Clubs are partnering with the Leukaemia Foundation, which is an amazing opportunity to cross promote, in
April. Go to Laugh For Leukaemia for more information and to get involved. Don't be shy, let's band together and do this.

We Bring Laughter to the Melbourne Public.

Laughter is a powerful healing modality that is simple, fun and filled with laughter that works simultaneously on the body, mind and spirit. No particular equipment is required. All can practice and benefit. Expect no jokes or comedy. It's a form of exercise. We choose to laugh, because we can. The benefits of laughter are scientifically documented. It's a practice that follows a systematic activity approach that guarantees fun and success to all, everytime. Read more.

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Leader Training
We urge you to support and share about this with your friends, family and Facebook friends. We can do with more laughter club leaders and involvement to help spread the laughter epidemic in Melbourne and further. Retraining is also an option, to hang out together with laughter buddies and refresh your skills. Go to Laughter Leader Training 2014

Where Do I Find Community Laughter Clubs?

Laughter Clubs can be found throughout Melbourne and around Victoria, go to Laughter Club Locations to find your nearest Community Laughter Club. There is one at Federation Square which meets 1st and 3rd Sunday at 11am.


Laughter maximises health and minimises stress.

Latest news: YouTube video of Laughter Yoga with School Children

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