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The Wellness Show - Channel 7

Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc was featured on Channel 7's The Wellness Show in March click HERE to see it. The interview with our illustrious President, Mahes, begins 14 minutes into the program. This will be another great opportunity to help promote the health and wellbeing aspects of Laughter Yoga. Please share about this with you friends and with the laughter clubs, thank you.

Phillipa Challis and her brilliant chapter in a book
Phillipa Challis is Founder of Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc and the Geelong Laughter Club has a record of never missing a Saturday down at Geelong. They are up to 676 sessions. Pip as she is warmly known, has contributed a chapter regarding her life and laughter involvement in the second edition of Look Who's Talking compiled by Bev Brough. Here is a link to an article regarding the book and a lovely photo of Phillipa.
Here is the link to another article in the newspaper, which makes a great read about the laughter club.

Doing Defies Depression

Laughter - A Great Tonic For Depression

Channel 9 Did a Terrific Coverage of the Benefits of Laughter in June 2014

Channel 9 News, June 2014

Dialysis Patients and Laughter Yoga Research

A research done on the Dialysis patients in Melbourne by Deakin University and Laughter yoga therapist Merv Neal may provide a boost to 11,000 Australians on dialysis. Read more "The Age" 16 December 2013: Laughter Yoga - The Best Medicine

Herald Sun Article 'Laughter Best Medicine for Stressheads'
Here is a great article which is a new study from Deakin Psychologists into the benefits of laughter in business. Herald Sun Article 'Laughter is the Best Medicine For Stress Heads.