One or Two Day Laughter Workshops

Attend a two day training course to become a fully Certified Laughter Yoga Facilitator affiliated with the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.

Or do a one day Laughter Yoga Leader/Anchor Training affiliated with the Laughter Clubs of Victoria with an option of doing the 2nd day in the near future.

You will find a document to download at the bottom of this page.

Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc Laughter Leader Training 2019 is from 9am to 5pm and the venue is in Melbourne CBD/Kew.

Module 1 Certified Laughter Leader (CCL) Facilitator- Saturday June 29th & 30th

Module 2 Certified Laughter Anchor (CLA) Training June 16th

Our friendly, experienced teachers are all trained by the Founder of Laughter Yoga, Dr Madan Kataria himself. They devote their time freely to LCVi and run community laughter clubs in their localities. The profits from our trainings all go back to promoting and supporting Laughter Clubs. To further help where financial assistance is needed, we have two options.

(1) Please enquire about our easy payment plans and

(2) We offer scholarships to approved applicants.

(3) Two days is $389 and the prices of single days is listed below.

(4) To do Day 2 a requirement is to have completed Day 1.

Day One is run as a single day workshop, which will add more fun and laughter into your life.
Investment is $199, which is 1 day training in order for you to be able to run a Community Laughter Club, affiliated with Laughter Clubs Victoria Incorporated.

Day Two Completing both days will give you a deeper understanding of Laughter Yoga and offers a facilitator's point of view.
Investment is $389 for this, which is 2 days training.

Module 1 Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) Facilitator (2 days Saturday and Sunday)

Cost: $389

Starting at 9.00 am till 5.00 pm 

This workshop will provide a day of fun and learning about the many facets of unconditional laughter. You will learn about the philosophy behind Laughter Yoga and it's benefits. A wide variety of foundation laughter exercises. Deep Yogic breathing. Laughing alone, laughing in the face of adversity, stress relief and laughter meditation. It's a full, fun day that will leave you feeling terrific and with techniques that work.

Day one explores Laughter Yoga from a participant's point of view.

Day Two: Sunday

Starting at 9.00 am till 5.00 pm 

The second day you will learn and experience Laughter Yoga from a facilitator's point of view. It's packed with learning about starting a Laughter Club, facilitating laughter sessions and how to help others to rediscover laughter in their lives.

Research and benefits of laughter. Lots more laughter exercises and deep breathing. Initiating your own laughter exercises. Leading grounding exercises, laughter meditation and the contra-indications to Laughter Yoga.

Plus, you will attend LCVi's Federation Square Laughter Club for some practical experience. Let's just say you will be busy laughing and learning. Ho ho ha ha ha. You finish as a Certified Laughter Leader, ready to start a Laughter Club or run laughter sessions at schools, clubs, groups, and work places. You will receive a compressive take-home kit including, a Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga Certified Laughter Leader Manual, DVD of foundation laughter exercises, several information pamphlets and templates too many to mention here. Ho ho ha ha ha!

For bookings and enquiries, please email


I did a 2 day's Certified Laughter Leader (CLL) Training with Laughter Clubs Victoria last year with trainer Mahes. She is very professional, experienced and very thorough. We did a lot of practical Laughter Yoga sessions and I got a lot from my training. I had so much of fun and felt fantastic. 

My continuing education in Laughter Yoga happens when I go to Federation Square for the Laughter Yoga sessions and Mahes encourages me to lead and I learn a lot from these sessions. It is very good for my confidence and I go home feeling fantastic, looking forward to the next session.   I practice what Mahes has taught me and I treasure the way I have the opportunity to have ongoing practical training and mentoring.  

Mahes puts in a lot of time and effort into the training and mentoring and I appreciate that very much. Thank you Mahes and thank you Laughter Clubs of Victoria. Rose Morabito.

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On-going mentor support from Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc (LCVi) is available to all participants. This includes support in setting up your own community Laughter Club, invitations to assist or participate in LCVi events such as the popular Federation Square Laughter Club, held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month. 'Practice makes perfect! Ha ha ha. World Laughter Day, Australia Day, Mind Body Spirit Festival and other LCVi events.

*An Early Bird Discount of 10% is offered if investment is paid in full one month in advance.

*Discounts apply for those who are CLLs and wish to update their skills.

*Also for people who have been attending a Laughter Club for 12 months or more and wish to become a CLL. (Laughter Club Leader recommendation is required).  

Laughter Leader Training 2019Laughter Leader Training 2019
Laughter Leader Training 2019