About Running A Laughter Club

Laughter Club Leaders donate their time to run the laughter clubs in Victoria.

To run a community Laughter Club they will have attended the authorised Laughter Clubs Victoria Inc. Laughter Yoga Leader Training Workshop.  The workshop is run by Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers who have successfully completed the required training under the guidance of Dr Madan Kataria MD, Founder of the Dr Kataria School of Laughter Yoga.

There are two parts towards obtaining certification.

Part I

Attendance over a full day at the Laughter Yoga Leader Training Workshop. 

Part II

Co-leading a community laughter club with an authorised laughter club leader.

No Club in Your Area?

Consider becoming a Laughter Leader and starting a community Laughter Club in your area!

Further information regarding the next workshop is available online Laughter Club Leader Training